Vampire Magazine review


Indigent is hailing from England and comes from a death/grind past. Richard Tomsett is the only mind behind the Indigent project. First of all I must say I didn’t notice it was a one man project recorded at Richard’s house. Secondly this is not a meaningless crappy one man band, like so many turn out to be…

Indigent doesn’t play casual death metal. Their influences range from many different styles. The first times I listened the demo it seemed there wasn’t a lot of cohesion between the songs and the riffs individually. After hearing the album more times I started to live up to some parts. Yeah, sure there are a lot of mediocre and death metal parts, but there are also more appealing riffs and great ideas. Let’s concentrate on the good things now. “Disgust” offers a great pulsing bass line during low tuned guitar riffs. As the songs wander further even some stoner elements clear up the death metal sky. Really catchy Richard! Definitely the best part of the song. “Picture” turns out to be more traditional death metal with a melodic touch. During the blastbeats in this song you can clearly hear it’s a drumcomputer – yet very good programmed. The third song “Poison” has got more atmosphere than the previous songs. It could be the untypical guitar chords have to do something with it. Somehow the song makes me think a bit of Iron Maiden downtuned from E. Also “Mirror” is quite atmospheric, yet connected with the usual death metal influences. Richard grunts, screams and does some other tricks with his throat. That’s kind of a negative remark… All his voices miss input and intensity. It all could sound a bit more aggressive. “Indigent” ends with Dust, in total Indigent style mixing up a range of influences. The best thing about Indigent is the variety and the bass loops. You can clearly hear the man has put a lot of effort in the bass lines to keep them interesting.

And interesting IS Indigent’s release. I would like it more when, apart from the criticism about the vocals, the sound would improve a bit. For a demo it’s very good, but I would use less distortion on the guitars in order to keep all details audible. I’m pretty curious about how Indigent will develop the coming releases…


Last Updated: 01-Mar-2005 23:00