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I know, I know...there’s already a review for INDIGENT here at TMO. But you know, ever since getting this demo/masterpiece in the mail (fast!) I haven’t been able to stop listening to it...really, it’s that good. In fact it begs the question, when will this guy get a record deal? Soon I’m willing to bet, from one of the big dogs as well.
So far INDIGENT is a one man wonder, Richard Tomsett. This guy certainly knows what the hell he’s doing because the five songs on this disc are pretty damn close to perfect...that’s right, perfect. Each song is polished and produced better than any “demo” I’ve heard that’s for sure, not to mention catchier than a case of the clap... And dare I say could go toe to toe with many of the top guns in the more progressive style of Death Metal today.
The album opens with “Disgust”, the most spheric song on the album, a term coined by Richard himself, or one of his former reviewers rather, most likely referencing MESHUGGAH. Right off the bat, you’re drawn in, preparing you for what is on the horizon, which would be “Picture” wow, the solo/breakdown in the middle, lovin’ it, lovin’ it!
The next track would be the catchiest track to my ears, thus being the one that sold me. “Poison” opens with a great bass part, and the chorus is just brilliant. At the bridge we get a simple yet effective solo followed by measure upon measure of blastbeat bliss and then back to that awesome chorus once again. So I guess it would be safe to say that this is my favourite track here. Not to mention that opening bass riff was stuck in my head for a week!
“Mirror” opens with a New Black Metal type riff a la DIMMU BORGIR, but don’t let that fool you, the song quickly turns direction to a more Heavy Metal approach, hard to describe but again a very catchy tune with a droning ending that stays with you... think the end of HELMET “Milquetoast” if that helps. Either way, killer track!
And as for the last track, literally the money shot, since being you have to actually purchase the demo to hear it. This having a bit of an upbeat, AMON AMARTH vibe to it, but with maybe a little sprinkle of some black metal riffage in there as well... almost even DARKTHRONE like at times, and a nice, soft, pretty ending (awww...), once again, nothing short of awesome.
Bottom line, I just had to submit this because this is some really great music, especially for fans of Death/Grind on the Progressive side of things, and I believe it needs to be heard as well as supported and promoted. So if this review helps just even one person (hopefully far more than that) give INDIGENT a spin in their player, then this review has truly served it’s purpose. But in all honesty, with a supposed full length in the works, I think we’ve seen barely but a glimpse from Richard Tomsett, as he is apparently bursting at the seams with creativity...the best, I believe is yet to come...R\m/.

Rob ........................10/10

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20