The Temple Of Metal review


Indigent comes from England, it is a band or I can say it is a solo project band because behind Indigent is only Richard Tomsett, who plays all the instruments or just programming them and do the vocals too. This release is the first one for Indigent and recorded almost for a year in the home studio of the band which is the home of Richard. The band says that they play progressive death metal. To be honest with you, I understand and of course I hear Death Metal but I never hear the progressive elements in this demo Cd. So I believe they just play death metal and only death metal. Lately many bands from all over the world released demos and played this style, so because I have heard a lot of things, the band must have something really special to be interesting in my ears. In the case of Indigent, i didn't find this thing, ok they have blast beats and some really fast drum parts, they also have good guitar riffs... They have a tolerable production and sound but they don't have something more than the other 50 - 100 bands who play death metal too. So i recommend this release to only death metal fans and only. For the others you can check the mainstream death metal bands, at least you know what you will hear.
Antonis Maglaras

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20