All well and dandy (The Metal Observer interview)


How did the project come about?

Well it's sort of evolved over about a two-year period. I developed an interest in extreme Metal and home recording at a similar time, about three years ago, and after a while started recording some Death/Grind style songs. The music then mutated to become what it is today.

How did you come up with the name INDIGENT?

It was a suggestion by the guy who contributes lyrics to the project - Bleakmage - whom I came into contact with on the Snakenet Metal radio website. The project used to go under the name SATANIC BEER CULT, which was all well and dandy for a Death/Grind band, but not really for the way the music was turning out. As he's a lyricist I asked him for some suggestions, and INDIGENT stuck out. Its meaning gives a lot of scope for lyrical content.

Why did you record the album as a solo project? Was it due to lack of musicians, or did you just want to be alone?

It was mainly because of lack of musicians. I'm still at school, so I'm fairly limited in terms of practice time and available musicians. Plus it's a lot cheaper to record as a solo project at home! It turned out pretty well actually as it meant I could fine tune the drum beats to how I wanted, which I think plays a big part in the overall INDIGENT style.

Have you found musicians to be able to write/record new songs and be able to play shows? Would you like for INDIGENT to be a full-fledged touring band?

I'd love to get a proper band together, ideally a three-piece band with a vocalist/bassist, drummer and me playing guitar. Unfortunately drummers able to play to that standard are very hard to come by. Hopefully I'll find some people next year when I start university.

One of the things that greatly caught me off-guard about your demo was the wealth of influences present, which made the music on the record sound much more than the typical Death Metal album. What type of music do you like?

Metal of all types, some Progressive Rock, some Funk, Soul and Jazz, and anything cheesy from the 80s. Seriously! When I put on a CD though it's almost always a Metal CD. Within Metal I mostly listen to Death, Doom and Power Metal, especially bands that are more progressive in nature.

The thing about INDIGENT is that the most accurate label to put on it would be Progressive Death Metal, with all the subtle time/tempo changes and myriad of non-Metal influences, but calling you guys so would put you in the same bag as bands like THEORY IN PRACTICE and SPAWN OF POSSESSION, who are extremely more straightforward and direct in the technicality of their music. What do you feel about that genre (Progressive Death Metal) and being part of it?

I've never heard THEORY IN PRACTICE or SPAWN OF POSSESSION I have to admit! Well being progressive doesn't necessarily mean being technical. The technicality in INDIGENT mostly comes from the drum patterns and some of the song arrangements, as opposed to difficult guitar riffs and odd time signatures. Someone called it "spheric" Death Metal; I have no idea what that means but it seems to fit! When I think of Progressive Death Metal I always think of DEATH's later albums. If I'm in the same boat as them then I'm certainly happy!

Have you been contacted by a label yet, or are you still trying?

No, I've only sent the demo out to magazines and webzines so far. I wanted to see the reaction to the music before I started approaching labels.

How has the reaction been towards the album so far?

Mostly very good, a lot of people seem to appreciate INDIGENT's unique sound. Still only very few people know about INDIGENT though. I need to do more promoting really, but it's difficult when you can't play live shows.

Is there an Extreme Metal scene in England? We all know of BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, the entire NWoBHM scene of the late 70s/early 80s, but is there some new blood in the English scene?

To be honest I'm not really in touch with the British underground as a newcomer to the scene. It does seem to be pretty healthy though. There are several bands who I think are definitely going places if they can get the support; DETRIMENTUM and BIOMECHANICAL to name a couple, as well as some well established underground bands who unfortunately remain not so well known such as THUS DEFILED and THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL.

What are your top 5 albums of all time? They don't have to be in order (makes things easier).

That's impossible! Well, the top five fluctuate a fair bit, but at the moment I'd say:
OPETH - "My Arms Your Hearse"
DEATH - "Symbolic"
CARCASS - "Heartwork"
QUEENSRYCHE - "Operation Mindcrime"

Any final words to end the interview?

Just a big "thanks!" to you for doing the interview, to the International Union of Metal Bands and Heavycore for their help in promotion, and to anyone who takes an interest in my music. You can download some INDIGENT songs from if you think "spheric" Death Metal may tickle your fancy. Oh, and watch out for an INDIGENT full-length, hopefully around October time.

Thank you for your time.


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