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This is a one man Technical Death project from England and frankly, that man has got to be a genius if he wrote this all by himself.
First off, even though I'm calling Technical Death, it is in no way akin to the insanity that bands like CRYPTOPSY and NECROPHAGIST conjure. The first band I thought of when I first heard these guys is CARCASS ("Heartwork" era), but even then, I only got that feeling every now and then. I guess the only thing that puts them in the Death Metal category are the vocals, which are done quite well (low and powerful).
The rest of the album is probably the most diverse pure Death Metal album I have heard in AGES. Songs go from chord based open sounding riffs to melodic ones to notey dissonant patterns and it's all done in a tasteful manner. The bass playing is also very well done, going from sparsely played bass lines (Verse of "Disgust"), to enhancing the melodic riffs (middle section of "Poison"). The drumming is very well done, barely ever going into blast beats or constant double bass and I'm forever grateful for it.
A Death Metal album that doesn't focus on churning your insides into a bloody pulp?! Yes, it's actually an album that a non-Death Metal fan can enjoy all while adhering to the wants of a fan of the genre. Highly recommended.
Armen ........................9/10

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20