Tartarean Desire review


Indigent is a one-man project hailing from England. This is their first material published as far as I am familiar with. These five songs are about some Death Metal basically, but with some more spices to it. The thing that stands out here are the guitars. Some really nice riffs and melodies are played. Then, drums are computer played and most of the times are ok, sometimes they are played slower than the rest of the stuff so it can be confusing… Basically the Indigent kind of Death Metal is enriched with nice changes in tempo and innovative riffs plus a somewhat mechanical atmosphere created by the tuning of the sound. If you would tune amps somehow else it could be standard DM. The vocals are perhaps not as good as they should be, especially in these parts when whispering is required. The production is a real demo one, could be a lot better, as this kind of music loves a clear sound, but it still serves its purpose. Interesting for being the first demo.

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20