SnakeNet Metal Radio Interview


What is the first thing you do when you are ready to create a song? Do you plot out drums, guitar, vocals? What exactly is your process when creating a song?

Every so often I'll write some riffs randomly on guitar. Once I have a bundle of riff ideas, I'll think how each could fit into a song structure, if any fit together well etc. I'll then try to write more riffs to fit into the outline song structures. When I've got a whole song's worth of riffs in an arrangement that I like, I'll record the guitar parts. I'll pick some lyrics of Bleakmage's that fit, or write some of my own, and record them at some point later... To write the drum part I just play along on my little midi trigger pad thingamybob until I get an interesting beat that I like, then mess about with it until I've got drums done for the while song. To write the bass line, I then put the song on loop and improvise until I get a bass line I like, then record that. That's what I do most of the time at least.

Where has most the interest in your project come from? Britain? US? Are there any particular countries you would like to chastise for not getting with it?

Erm, Britain and the US I think (at least that's where most of my site hits come from), though I keep getting random emails from people in Eastern Europe and Turkey wanting band information... I would like to chastise France. No particular reason.

I know how your work is progressing, but would you mind updating everybody as to how it is coming along?

Right, well, I have recorded almost all the guitar parts and all the vocal parts for all the songs. I need to program drums and record bass for all the songs. I'm also going to record some 'cello to put on a few tracks. I'm finding it pretty difficult to get anything done on it while at university, but hopefully all shall be complete by the end of March.

Any particular reason you are re-recording "Dust" for the upcoming album? Were you unsatisfied with how it came out?

Simply so that it fits in with the sound of the rest of the album; I've recorded
the guitars differently this time so the overall sound is quite different.

I think most people, myself included, were quite surprised when hearing your your self-titled release and knowing it was all played by one man (lyrics from Bleakmage of course). Do you feel your second album is going to be more polished and generate more praise / sales?

Well I hope so. Maybe not more polished, but it's better than the demo. There are also a couple of things that perhaps you wouldn't expect, including a minimalist black metal track and a nine minute mournful doom song.

It's obvious you have quite a bit a talent. If you were approached by another band would you consider joining? Would you then abandon Indigent or keep it going?

Well I do play in a funk/soul band at the moment \m/ I couldn't join a serious band until I left university, but if I joined a band I wouldn't abandon Indigent. It might slow down my already painfully slow song-writing process... but I wouldn't stop.

When did you start getting interested in playing music? Did you have any previous bands before Indigent?

I started playing 'cello when I was 5. Actually I wanted to play the sousaphone (like a tuba but it goes round your neck) but couldn't because I didn't have my adult front teeth. Then I started getting into metal (yes yes, via mallcore, so shoot me) when I was 14/15 after taking up the bass when I was 14. I was in a rap-rock band prior to doing Indigent. It was turd. I am currently also involved in a project with a drummer friend, called "Human Hand Meat," which is going to be absolutely mental and will destroy your puny little brains.

If there is one message or feeling you want to convey in your music what is it?

Erm... no message, and no specific feeling. Whatever comes out comes out. Most of the time that's anger and sadness though, which is in direct contrast to my personality...

Were the Beatles at all an influence to you? There was a time when every band mentioned the Beatles as influential.

Nah, musically my influences come more from early Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and more recently Tatu.

Do you feel the rather gloomy and grim weather conditions have an
influence on what you make? If so how does it manifest itself in your music?


Supposing her Majesty, the Queen were to desire you to play a concert for her. Would you accept and how would you dress? On that same note have you thought of getting session musicians together for a live show? Also what are you wearing right now?

As a loyal subject I would of course be honoured to accept such an invitation. I would wear whatever Her Majesty desired, but if it were left up to me... perhaps a Prince Charles caricature mask. And nothing else. I'd love to get session musicians for a live show, or even make Indigent into a proper band. Probably after university though. Ejukayshun takes priority. I am wearing a "Black Sheep" brewery T-shirt (argh), blue jeans, green tartan boxer shorts and slippers.

Mine vine is darker than thine. Does this mean you are willing to face imprisonment in a Finnish gulag in the name of your music?

Fuck no. I have very, very supple skin. I intend to keep it that way.

Well then rather now jolly good spot on! Thanks for your time, is there anything else you would like to say?

Rather old chap. If anyone wants to join me for a spot of tea and some scones, or if we're feeling daring then perhaps even some macaroons, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with my butler here, and he'll be happy to make the arrangements. Perhaps we could play croquet afterwards? Spiffing!


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