Vampire Magazine review


Damn you Richard Tomsett! Your one man band is giving me a headache! I’ve listened to Indigent’s first full album for like hundred times know and still don’t know how to explain it all in descent omni-saying words. I was quite positive about the self titled demo released in 2004, but I expected a bit more on future planned releases. And indeed, “Simulacrum” is a step closer to heaven – Though its originality is hard to make a seven lines written review. Indigent just don’t fit any scene. This post apocalyptic mix of doom, black and death metal gains positive attention on all aspects. I like the long stretched, melancholic, almost noisy riffs in “Voice From The Head”. God Richard Tomsett has contemplated a lot about the eight new songs here (“Dust” is also appearing on the demo). The bass loops in “Sin”, the noise in “The Hidden Epidemic”, the piano in the mournful “The Life Parade” or the groove in “Lost”, Indigent has got it all. I may sum up similarities with Deathspell Omega, My Dying Bride, Isis, Mono and a lot of different styled bands. Let’s say originality is the main thing that has to be pointed out here. Though all these nice words there’s still some room for improvement. Just like before the grunts don’t have the intensity or variation they need. I somehow like this release, because of it’s own face. But honestly I can’t say if I would play this record just for the joy of listening. The diversity is killing the ambience. Nevertheless I would advise Indigent to keep on walking this path, they’re on the right way…


Last Updated: 21-May-2006 15:15