Raw Nerve review


It seems a long while since we've heard anything from Indigent but they (he) returns with a 9 track 42 minute album here with pretty minimal, dark artwork encasing the CD that starts with 'Voice from the head', reminding me of Cult of Luna in the intro minute before kicking in fully with something a lot more deathly. It has a similar delivery and rhythm to some of the pagan, folk black metal bands in places but it is hugely influenced by Opeth it seems, and features a similar kind of epic feel and depth, especially in the slower or more melodic parts. Build in around that rather more obvious comparison hints of death and doom metal on either side and you hve an Indigent blueprint.

'Ages past weeping' is very doom drenched and borders on Esoteric meeting MDB, which 'Simulacrum' takes further with heavy echoes, violins and a very sombre nature, before 'The life parade' sounds like Enslaved but with growly deep vocals.

A good solid solo work here.

Paul Raw Nerve

Last Updated: 12-May-2006 15:20