Power Play Records review


Two years ago, i reviewed the debut demo from Indigent, a solo project from Richard Tomsett, who actually does everything on the album. Richard comes from England and last month he released his debut album through Parsnipcore Records with the title "Simulacrum". In this album Indigent included nine tracks and more than forty minutes of pure technical death metal assault. I remember that i had really found the previous demo from Indigent to be very enjoyable, so i was curious to hear their newest stuff. After a small intro in the opening track the brutal death metal voice of Richard spits out the lyrics and the music is really massive while the compositions are well developed with some really interesting ideas inside them. If i remember correctly, maybe i'm mistaken, but i think that in his newest release Richard is a little bit more aggressive and rawer with his music, but while you hear the technical parts you forget all the extreme elements. Last but not least, i am really happy to see bands that i follow them from their beginning to have success and to release albums. Support Indigent and their own vision of technical / progressive death metal.

Antonis Maglaras........................8.3/10

Last Updated: 28-Jun-2006 22:11