Nocturnal Hall review


Formed in 2002, by Richard Tomsett as a solo death metal project based in Hampshire, England; INDIGENT released a home-recorded demo in 2004 which has been reputed as one of the best solo projects metal has ever seen. February of 2006, INDIGENT mix death metal with elements of doom and black metal set atop a rhythmic background and release the highly-acclaimed Simulacrum.

I find it incredibly fund to listen to one-man projects; itís always nice to see someone that dedicated. For a self-released project this really isnít that bad. The sound quality could be a little bit improved; however, the musical direction itself is pretty damn awesome. One thing I really quite enjoy is the fact that the bass-lines are actually audible. One band that comes to mind when listening to Simulacrum is Opeth; the faster bits and vocals actually do sound similar to Michael Akerfeldt. Track 5 Untitled is absolutely beautiful and interlude consisting of only an amazing cello-electric bass/guitar ensemble. My only complaint: make it longer! Untitled has to be my favorite off the entire album. And the rest ain't that bad either. I'd say Mr. Tomsett - keep it up!



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