Mallcore Death review


So I get this CD in the mail from England. Didn't know what to expect. I had a pretty shitty day, what with schoolwork and all the stressful paperwork for some dumb car accident I was in, so I wasn't in the mood of reviewing anything. But I still popped the CD into my player anyways...and wow, I didn't expect to enjoy this album as much as I did! What we have here is top notch atmospheric progressive doom/death. This album drips with Neurosis, Deliverance-era Opeth, Amorphis, Maudlin of the Well/Kayo Dot, Edge of Sanity, Isis, and Devin Townsend elements and should appeal to fans of those bands.

All 9 tracks have massive walls of atmospheric doom/death riffs accompanied by some real throat burning growls and calming parts that utilize delicate violins or sorrow-filled yet uplifting post-rockish melodies, kinda like Isis or Pelican. Some parts dive into abstract proggressive experimentation (not "experimentation" as "techno" by the way!) or pulverizing death metal that's heavier than your average death band. A very versatile album, juggling and blending light and darkness, and littered with smooth transitions from one style to the next. Calling this album a death metal Neurosis or Isis wouldn't be too far off. An impressive album for a solo project too! Can't wait to hear more from this guy.

Jose Angeles........................9/10

Last Updated: 31-Mar-2006 11:30