Heavy Metal Universe review


I discovered INDIGENT with this album, I never heard there first demo. Ludo reviewed it on this site, and give it a 2/6, and when I read it, I just can conclude that he was wrong, or just that Richard Tomsett (INDIGENT is a solo project) make some great progress ! Why did I mention the word "experimental" for this band ? This is maybe a bit overused here, but I used this expression because INDIGENT's creator manage to use a lot of influences, in many different ways, but always keeping an eye (ear ?) on the song structure. Let me explain : most of "progessive" or "experimental" bands often sounds like they played randomly some instruments, using effects sometimes, but without having a goal. That's not the case here, weird break follow killing riffs, but the music keeps flowing in you ear. And technically, Richard Tomsett's work is quite impressive for a single man, even the drums, not played but recorded with some drums programming machine aren't too artificial. The riffs and guitar sounds are various, and all good, the voices are not as good, but fit perfectly with the music. But what's suprised me ths most isn't the great "Lost" or "Ages Pas Weeping" riffs, nor the long piano break that end the CD, nor the excellent instrumental bridge on track 5, no ... it's the bass. Damn ! I don't remember the last time I heard a death metal band using so much and so well the bass ! Unique but coherent sound, powerful and original Death Metal, INDIGENT can still improve, but for now, why ask for more ?


Last Updated: 04-Apr-2006 23:25