FYU review


Back in the nineties, when I had to review a one-man project, the work was always very easy, 99% of them were unbearable crap, the remaining % being “almost decent”. These past few years, things have changed for the better but it hasn’t been impressive enough to make me remember any of them.
Things are about to change with this british solo deathmetal project and his first full-length release that really sounds like a full band effort. Richard Tomsett not only is quite a good singer, but his skills are incredible when it comes to songwriting and playing various instruments. Being guitars, bass, keys or drum programming, I can’t find anything weak on this album!

”Simulacrum” is loaded with diversity. Possessing a very Dark, sometimes slightly depressive feeling, this album is made of rather long songs full of variation and none of them really suffer of lengthy boring elements. Riffs are elaborated and catchy, backed by some great bass parts and (artificial) drums that are everything but basic. From slow doomy to blastbeats, you don’t know what to expect from one song to another. Vocally, Richard Tomsett also adds some blackmetal shrieks to his death grunts.
After many listenings, it remains hard to figure out only one soul has been able to create this masterpiece!


Steph PTC ............89/100

Last Updated: 24-Sep-2006 23:51