FishCom Collective review


After Indigent’s initial demo release back in 2004, he’s now finished work on his second (and full-length) effort. Yep, I say “he” because this is still a one-man project. Even so, I can be as enthusiastic as I was about the demo, except this time the music is even better. This talented young man is able to compose fluent and enjoyable tracks, despite the lack of a drummer of flesh and blood: a neat dose of melodic death and black is what you’ll get. Sometimes it’s audible the battery section misses some spark, but overall the programming was done with great care for variety and precision: even irregular rhythm changes are present. In other words, one of the more realistic and innovative drumsequences I’ve heard so far. The production is quite promising (still home-recorded) and is able to convey the music’s full impact; e.g. the bombastic, epic feeling on the more blackmetal-ish parts. This is simply a good disc of metal - after the demo, this is a solid proof of Indigent’s capacities and value. I think this project will be around for quite some time, and I’ll be the last to regret it! Well done, Richard!

Last Updated: 26-Jun-2006 21:29