Daredevil review


Jeeeeezzzus f**ing Christ....in times like these were everybody starts a Metalcore band itīs really cool to get a classic Death-Metal release, but this is not just a regular Death-Metal release...no, Indigent is hot stuff for sure. First of all I have to give Indigent a BIG RESPECT...cause this is a solo project (wasnīt early Bathory in the a solo project too, who cares, cause Indigent is way better)...Indigent is a tribute to Death-Metal and you can hear that Richard Tomsett is a big fan of old Entombed, Dismember, Autopsy, Unleashed etc., the riffs are sharp and really tight, the vocals are superevil and by adding some fresh Metal elements the whole thing gets the last kick...yes, this must be passion. The sound of this baby is pretty good too and I think you canīt do something wrong with this if youīre in real Death-Metal. Highly recommended.

Ralf Burkart........................7/7

Last Updated: 28-Jun-2006 22:27