Bad Attitude Radio review


Indigent warrants our discussion as metal fans. We must first understand the process of a solo project. At least Indigents process. As far as I can see from the interviews I have read it is as deliberate as a recipe.
The Process: This young axe man starts by writing random riffs on his guitar. He collects them like a child might collect seashells on a beach. He then structures them into song format. When he has enough riffs, and he likes the feel; he records the guitar parts.
Once he has laid out the border to this puzzle he neatly creates more and more riffs to fit inside. He then adds lyrics either his own or those of a partner identified through the underworld with the name of Bleakmage. The vocals are then added again the work of our solo artist. The drum and bass line is added after such labor intensive wizardry that a scientist would consider it too much. The track just loops and loops while the artist improvises. the end it is one man and he definitely has tweaked and tweaked and well the drummer is just a little switch.
So go ahead and discuss, is it art? Is it right? Is it fair? Can you or I do it? Can anyone? Can you even tell? Doesnt it make everything too symmetrical? Go ahead and comment. In the meanwhile crank your stereo because the damn album is delightful.
The track dust has intense bass, decent vocals , several frightening screams and a noticeable drum machine doing everything correctly. Im ok with that. The music is dark and sad which Ive decided is the only reason to crawl into certain metal genres.
The labor of this creation is obvious, everything is planned yet has a mind of its own. If you dont believe me listen to Lost, I guarantee you the break just sort of happened and got carried to far in retrospect, which also led to the vocals going to farbut then again the title is Lost so maybe the joke is on me and everything that was supposed to happen did.
Richard which is the closest I've come to identifying the UK native who I have also discovered is 19, does some wonderful piece work in the title track and his solos definitely warrant the next level There are moments where youll see some patching, unclean hits, but give this work a listen..if you like death- gloom- black- melodic metal please give this a listen.
3.5 out of 5 a little cleanup work would boost this to a 4.25

John Ritondo........................3.5/5

Last Updated: 15-Apr-2006 20:17