Raw Nerve Promotions review


"Disgust" kicks in straight away, and is a very odd track. A strange mix of black metal chords and pace, progressive metal, death metal, yet not really being any of them. There are some strange rhythms in this one, maybe sounding a little more jerky than most of the polyrhythmic bands due to the fact it is programmed drum patterns, the whole thing being performed by solo artist Richard Tomsett, who on the strength of this is massively influenced by Meshuggah, Opeth, Necrophagist, Bolt Thrower, with maybe some hints of early Carcass in there for the gutteral burping vocals, Strapping Young Lad for the virtuosity, the progressive leanings of Chuck Schuldiner and the Death many line ups. There is so many little references going on in this obscure and warping opener, but Indigent are, quite simply, Indigent, managing to find an own style in amongst the millions of sub genres.
"Picture" is a more vicious track, certainly harking to Bolt Thrower during "Realms of Chaos" or "For Victory" era, and includes a nice, quieter section of just bassline and widdling guitar before a very pagan-Norse style black metal section takes over, reminding of early Enslaved and Irish band Primordial. Nice work on this track.
"Mirror" has some quality ideas, in fact all the songs have their moments, be it the large chunky sound of "Poison" near the start, the melodies of "Mirror", which include some sweet chord progressions in the Opeth, Ved Buens Ende and very early Ulver vein, or the almost relentless feel of "Dust."
A very cleverly pieced together CD here, and certainly I would be intrigued to see how this project progresses in the light of this one.
Paul Raw Nerve

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20