Nocturnal Hall review


Hardly to believe that this CD is the work of just one person. While giving the first try to INDIGENT’s first demo a wall of tight, compact and intense guitar madness, drums and voice create an odd atmosphere one cannot elude and blows you downright away. Alternating between groovy melodic parts, pure riff massacres and fast drum patterns the voice of Richard Tomsett ranges from deeply throated growls up to black metal like screams. These five songs are all the time harmoniously flowing, although breaks, solos and technical finesse interrupt the songs, letting them rise to an opulent length (for this style of music). A large amount of influences from Grind, Death and Black Metal merge the sound of INDIGENT to something of its own, making it almost impossible to categorize the music.
What impressed me much more is the fact, that Tomsett does not lose himself in a stylistically uniform mash, what happens quite often, when the missing influences of other musicians lead to an one-dimensional and boring sound.

Arisen from an idea during vacations in Spain in 2002 Richard Tomsett kicked off this project as a death/grind thing with mock-satanic lyrics called "Satanic Beer Cult,". But after meeting Bleakmage, who contributed the lyrics, the sound and the general attitude of the music changed into what you can listen to now. A more technical side of Death Metal with striking Black Metal tunes.
Production made in the mastermind’s home studio is quite ok. But I think, with a proper production this CD could absolutely kill!
All five tracks (Disgust, Picture, Poison, Mirror, Dust) reveal pure madness and much potential. I’m quite interested of what has to come from this one-man-band in the near future …


Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20