Metal Zone Greece review


This work comes from England. Indigent are a solo Death Metal Project of Richard Tomsett. Some critics in web sites but also reviews in magazines mention that this piece of work is a special kind of sound, which basically has it’s feet on Death Metal but expands itself to the edges of this music species. As a matte of fact there have been few who have given Indigent music a name calling it "Spheric Death Metal". Personally not only don’t I understand this name but also I believe there’s a big portion of exaggeration to it. It is a solid album, but clearly it has nothing more to offer than pure Death Metal. The main characteristic of Richard’s music are the heavy Death Metal riffs in combination with many melodies. Some of the music ideas in the album seem to be very well worked but some have stayed incomplete. However this doesn’t necessarily mean to be bad since this is only the bands first demo. Production is really good and if you are a friend of the underground scene and you enjoy Death Metal, give this demo a listen and it won’t let you down. I am almost certain that we will see a lot more of Indigent in the future.
Vassilis Mazaris........................78/100

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20