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While Indigent may make for an interesting band name, it is an inaccurate description of the band's output as the songs found here are in no sense lacking. Representing the new wave of home recording in a most outstanding fashion, Richard Tomsett has taken bedroom production values and beaten them with raw talent into a fire-forged weapon of exquisitely creative death metal. Proving that the often times expensive necessity of dealing with a pissy studio engineer can indeed be sidestepped by simply losing the baggage of excess musicians and investing in some electronics; the Indigent recording is easily the brightest hope for death metal I have seen in my time thus far within the bowels of Metal Judgment's demo reviews.

Though it may be due to personal chagrin that I edge my vocabulary into the territory of Prozakian colloquialisms, Mr. Tomsett's musical output can indeed be defined as recombinant in the sense that his compositions expand in a fashion which defies linear construction. Within each track new elements and combinations of melody unfold seemingly by independent assortment, all baring traits not present in their predecessors. Vibrant and full of subtle variation, Richard has managed to weave something that truly feels organic.

Songs such as "Mirror" exemplify the powerful and upbeat nature of Indigent's music which in presentation is a bit similar to Amon Amarth, however rather than evoking images of bouncing Vikings, a stern use of diminished chord patterns and creations of polychords via skilled bass handiwork serve to darken the atmosphere several shades. If a comparison must be drawn out of necessity then one should envision the heft and expanse exhibited by Windham Hell stripped of neoclassical embellishment and utilizing a more chromatic note progression for lead guitars.

For such a young man the grasp apparent here upon both the guitar and its four-stringed cousin is astounding. Combined with the skilled drum programming and tasteful vocal choices this is not only the most outstanding solo project I have ever heard but also the best demo to land atop my humble desk. In closing I offer this statement to any record labels that may happen across the space I occupy within the internet: Offer this man a contract or I will create an entity to distribute his material myself.

Slither ........................5/5

Last Updated: 01-Mar-2005 18:12