Live4Metal review


Fuck me, when the vocals kicked in on first track, "Disgust" I quite nearly shat myself. I've heard most death metal vocal styles but this guy's low throaty roar truly terrified me. I'm impressed. Indigent is a one-man project from Hampshire that used to be a death/grind project and has now become more evolved shall we say. Although the grind certainly rears its head throughout the tracks, notably the beginning of second track, "Picture" which has that relentless Napalm Fury about it, this is certainly no simplistic grind affair. Arguably, this demo couldn't even be described as purely "death metal". As far as I'm concerned the despondent, atmospheric vibe is far more black than death and the basic sounding solo on "Picture" is more Burzum-esque than any classic death metal guitar. To simply pigeonhole Indigent is really not possible; there are so many different influences throughout that really makes Indigent rather unique. Apparently one commentator has described the project as "spheric death metal". At first I laughed at such a ludicrous title yet after hearing all five tracks, I decided that there is not really an exact term to describe them, so why not make up a new one! If you were to liken this demo to anything you'd be hard pushed especially as each track seems to bring something new into the fray and the subtle changes throughout constantly holds your interest. I thought I had just about begun to understand what Indigent was all about until I heard the solo on "Mirror". Now if you are a solo-slut like myself, you will probably (metaphorically) shoot your load (perhaps literally!). Definitely one for some air-guitar action! I must admit, I was not expecting such an extravagant solo to be mixed in amongst this type of music, which is really testament to the spontaneity Indigent brings. I haven't been this excited about a new piece of music like this in ages. The fact that this is a one-man creation makes this demo even more shockingly good. One to watch out for.

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20