Heavy Metal Universe review


One thing is certain it is that we are not going to waste much time with this weird cd that has absolutely nothing for it but its sound, quite correct for a home recording. INDIGENT is a one-man band from the United Kingdom, and he plays a death meth of his own, and wants it to be unique. In fact, when you neglect some basic rules while writing a musical piece, moreover when it is Metal, this is nothing unique to me. Some will say that it is the premisce of avant-gardism... well why not if it is still listenable and bearable in the end. It is not that this demo is totally lame but still even without criticising the musical skills of the main man, it is mainly random. There are no real riffs and the guitars are confined to a couple of insipid notes repeated over and over, giving the impression that the very begining of a riff has been cut out and that a scratch on the cd makes it go whacky. You will have to add some drums really out of it, offbeat, not synchro with the rest I! mean, and sometimes some changes in the tempo as unwelcome as badly done. But we can spot some nice touches such as the second track and its riff and in the fourth song a pleasant solo, that comes after all the crappy rest as a relief. Well concerning the rest, it is just useless when you listen to music that is not Hardcore and the only positive point to the cd would be to make me laugh.

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20