Black Minds Magazine review


More PC recorded stuff, this time from Indigent. Apparently starting out as a joke under the amusing moniker of “Satanic Beer Cult” the project got a little more serious and hence we have Indigent, who play 'Spheric' Death Metal. Roughly translated this sounds something like a fairly standard death metal, but with some interesting melodic guitar work. Mastermind Richard Tomsett is clearly a very able guitarist, but that's equally a blessing and a curse in the case of Indigent. The other instruments are either programmed or do the bare minimum, so it might be some worthy advice to get some other musicians involved. As it is, this sounds fair enough, but has too much of a 'bedroom band' feel for my liking. With a proper drummer and bassist, Indigent would certainly warrant a closer inspection. 

Last Updated: 13-Apr-2005 23:18