Lyrics by Bleakmage

Golden delight
Sunshine on the brow of a rose
Another love that cannot be
Another light that goes

To appreciate is not enough
The distance is too great
Another hope, another rope
Fantasy's far-gone fate

We dance and dance upon my mind
But the eye can only see
It cannot touch, it cannot hold
And seems will never be

The song is sung, the dance is done
The Lord of the mound draws near
I will not run from the sun
Or drown in fear's dark leer

The rapture of her bloodstained bliss
Passion a hollow eye
Greeting the dawn with the sound of lies
All for the joy of a kiss

Great the swelling of rising ire
Outrage a muted song
Discordant, un-rhythmic, long
Love a wet-blanket fire

Holler loud and cry shame
A heart that cannot bleed
Wisdom’s pearl a barren seed
All soon the same

A game without blame
A mirror without name

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005 23:20