Lyrics by Bleakmage excl. last verse by Richard Tomsett

Crushed under the heel of disgust
Caught in a rapture of pain
Societies rise and turn to dust
Things never yet always the same

The charred surface of the earth
Caused by contemptible neglect
Out of the ashes a physical rebirth
Things of the past derelict

Death of a planet, ripped and torn
Infected with rapid decay
Tomorrow a better future will be born
Yet tomorrow is forever a day away

The mind bleeds
the soul rips
and the heart plunges
into eternal darkness
and the bearer of the pains
sails out across
the black ocean of death
(to return home
to return to the everlasting peace)

See the black
See the white
See all colours cascade across your eyes
This attack
on our plight
Comes from all angles over the black skies
Stab my back
In your fight
It does not matter, everybody dies

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