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Indigent originated in Summer 2002 while I was on holiday in Spain as a means of entertainment during the intensely hot daytime, when moving around wasn't really a sensible option. Starting as a death/grind band, the music quickly evolved into its current form, mixing a death metal base with elements of doom and black metal, rhythmic experimentation and a strong sense of melody to create a unique atmosphere. It has remained a solo project, though many of the lyrics are contributed by Bleakmage.

Indigent released a 5 track demo CD at the end of February 2004, which received numerous extremely positive reviews. The new Indigent CD, "Simulacrum", was recorded between January 2005 and January 2006. It contains 9 songs and showcases a more mature sound with increased influence from doom and black metal, while retaining the original Indigent atmosphere.

Indigent released a single, "Bestial", at Wacken festival 2006. It was distributed for free for promotional purposes. It features a new song, "Bestial", as well as "Voice From The Head" and "Ages Past Weeping" from the "Simulacrum" album. "Bestial" is more rhythmically technical in nature, contrasting increasingly complex musical patterns with a minimalist vocal approach.

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